Celon Labs is a leader in the development and marketing of specialty products which serve niche therapy areas. Using in-house research & development capabilities, operational flexibility, manufacturing and regulatory expertise, Celon has taken a wide variety of products from laboratory to the market.

Celon Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is a specialty-focused pharmaceutical company with core competencies in Oncology and Critical Care.

We are commited to create better quality of life by being at the forefront of research, manufacturing and marketing of high quality formulations. Celon manufactures and markets a comprehensive portfolio of Oncology products and a vital portfolio of critical care products with a commitment to deliver wellness across the globe.

Celon’s branded formulations business has domestic & international reach with focus on Indian & ROW markets. Our future endeavour in Global generics is all set to foray into the regulated markets.

Celon fulfills an important need in the medical community as a provider of broad portfolio of injectable pharmaceutical products, including difficult to manufacture and urgently needed medical products.

Our strategically designed business model creates a value chain that drives profitability and extends affordability to the end customer.

Our focus is to become a global branded generic player with R&D expertise in extensive technology platforms, thereby delivering innovative drug delivery systems for enhancing treatment standards in the chosen therapy areas.

Our constant eye for continuous upgradations in technologies and quality management systems guarantees that our products meet international standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

In our journey ahead, we are all set to break new grounds, explore new frontiers and achieve new milestones in creating value in lifecare.