Celon chose to enter only selected niche therapy segments that demanded products, which involve complex manufacturing. Celon has equipped itself with all the essential resource competencies and adopts backward and forward integration strategies to meet the needs of the end customers in the chosen therapies.

Our state-of-the art manufacturing infrastructure enables compliance with national & international regulatory requirements and our expertise in novel technology platforms enables in-house development of potential molecules in our focus therapy areas.

Our robust Sales, Marketing and Distribution infrastructures have established our presence in different geographies.

‘Environmental Health & Safety’ is of prime importance in all our business activities. We take consistent measures to ensure that we preserve the environmental health of our surrounding community and provide work place safety to our employees.

Some highlights of our EHS measures are:

  • ZERO effluent discharge systems are designed to ensure proper disposal of liquid and solid wastes.
  • HVAC systems are in place to avoid Air pollution and to save the Environment
  • Regular training programs to enhance employee awareness and implementation of EHS policies.